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Updated wordpress and apache web server software

I updated wordpress to 4.0 and apache also. Enjoy

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Updated copyright Notice

Updated the copyright message to 2014.

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DeltaCode site is UP!

DeltaCode site backup after many months down! I have fixed all the php, mysql and other utilities that did not allow WordPress to work. Thank you everyone for you patience. Michael Peer

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The website has been down for a while have a peek at this site.  I tried to update php and it blew up all over the place. It is still broken, but now patched enough to present pages.   Thank … Continue reading

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Updated Home page text

I have updated the home page text highlighting ShoreTel utilities and also archived applications for examples of my past work.

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Archived Applications update: Added Webcam Status Light Monitor screenshots

I have added the Webcam Status Light Monitor application screen shots to the archived applications page generic ventolin. This was an interesting little project. I needed to monitor a status panel on equipment that I did not have access for … Continue reading

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Added ST Utility – MAC2Extension

I have added the first ST Utility MAC2Extension.

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Added Archived Applications Page

I have added an Archived Applications Page under Applications listing previously developed applications.

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Really Simple SNTP Client Updated

I have updated the Really Simple SNTP Client Utility. Version is now 0.90. I restricted input to an IP address in dotted quad form. DNS is not supported. I also added a picture of Faith in the about box. Enjoy, … Continue reading

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New Utility Application “REALLY Simple SNTP Client”

Added new utility application REALLY Simple SNTP Client application.  A very simple interface to test an SNTP server is responding to requests.

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