Archived Applications

This is a list of archived applications developed in the past and no longer maintained. This list is for history only.


KOCE GetTemp Application:

This application was designed to get the temperature at regular intervals from government sources on the Internet in XML format and save it to a simple text file to be used by other applications.  It also includes a backup site to poll if the primary site is not available, e-mail notification if it fails to get the temperature on a poll cycle and simple logging.


KOCE GetTemp application screen shot








KOCE Traffic Cam Switcher

This application was designed to send a http POST to a web relay from ControlByWeb at regular intervals.  This web relay was hooked up to a video switcher that switched video sources at a remote location that sends one video feed back to the stations Master control.

KOCE Traffic Cam Switcher Application screen shot








 Webcam Status Light Monitor:

This project was put together in a about a week when I did not have remote access to a site and needed to get alerts when equipment status changed.  I had a web camera pointing at the display panel  that was it.

This project has two applications.  The first is the main application that periodically grabs the image from the webcam and processes it and send e-mail alerts if needed.  The second is the Setup Image Acquisition application that came later.  It is a first attempt to build a Front end to the setup parameters that are used to recognize the status lights and when they have changed.

This application is in alpha stage.  It is an interesting project so I may come back to it at a later date.

Screen shots:

Main application:








Setup application:



Thank you,
Michael Peer