ST-Utilities Suite

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Welcome to ST Utilities suite of applications. The many applications are designed to aid the ShoreTel® professional installer to deploy and maintain a ShoreTel® VoIP system.

One example is using Shoreware Director to get a list of DIDs and DNIS mappings for each trunk at each site. To do this you have to go to each site, each trunk and click the buttons for DIDs and DNIS pages then save them somehow to file. The ST utility ST-DIDList lists the DIDs and DNIS mappings of all trunks from all sites in a nice table. In the professional version the table can be exported to a CSV file.

This guide is here ST-UtilitiesGuide.



This is the FREE version of the suite.  Please read the ST-UtilitiesGuide.doc for further details.