Stratum-1 timeserver using Garmin 18x LVC gps

It would be cool to run your own Stratum-1 clock for the network.  You would have VERY accurate time for all the devices on your network.  It may not be that hard to do.

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  1. Michael Peer says:

    I purchased a Garmin 18x LVC. This GPS unit has a serial output and a 1 PPS signal output for this project. It also comes with a small plastic connector the factory uses for testing. I need to make a stronger one.

    Documentation is for the GPS unit is here

  2. Michael Peer says:

    Here are links on the Internet I found of others who have done this also.

    Coming soon, please be patient

  3. Michael Peer says:

    I have decided on standard DB-9 connectors for the 5 meter cable and the extension cable.

    I have also found a 5V DC regulated wall plug power supply to use for this project.

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